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Website-Email Information & Settings

Find information on how to upload your website and configure your email.

1. Webmail - On-line email access via the web

1.1. Reading your email from a web browser

To read your email from your web browser, visit http://webmail.yourdomainname.com

Substitute "www" with "webmail" before your domain name.

You will need your email address and your email address password to access to view your email via the webmail feature.

You can change your webmail password by accessing the website control panel as documented on this self-serve portal. (See "related pages" below)

If you are unable to see a webmail interface on your browser after following the directions above, you will need to contact Fidalia Networks for modification on your account to activate the feature.

2. FTP access settings

2.1. General FTP settings

To upload your HTML/PHP/ASPX and other content to your website, you will need an FTP client such as Filezilla.  An FTP client will allow you to upload your files to Fidalia Networks cloud web server.  Important:  You will need your FTP username and password to access your account.  If you do not have your username and/or password, you will need to contact Fidalia Networks technical support.

Common FTP Settings for Fidalia Networks cloud hosting subscribers:

FTP Host:  ftp1.ftptoyoursite.com  (this is the actual site you should be pointing your FTP client to)
Port: 21
Username: (your_username)
Password: (your_password)
Root content folder: /www.yourwebsite.com/web/content (you will find your index.html & similar files here)

Always contact Fidalia Networks if you experience difficulty.

3. Control Panel (add users, change passwords, etc)

3.1. How to access your web control panel

At times you may wish to add/delete/modify users, email addresses, passwords, etc.  Other settings related to website activities can be modified via the control panel as well. 

To access your cloud hosted website settings, go to http://www.websitesettings.com

You will need your master domain name management username and password.  If you do not have this information available, you will need to contact Fidalia Networks to obtain your information, or have your password reset.